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A ribbon against depressions - Ein Projekt des Englisch-Profils

Das Englisch-Profil unter der Leitung von Frau Becker hat in den letzten Wochen Depressionen und psychische Erkrankungen von Kindern und Jugendlichen als eine Folge der Corona-Pandemie und der dabei nötigen Einschränkungen thematisiert und sich ein Projekt überlegt, das im Folgenden genauer beschrieben wird. Hier die wichtigsten Infos zusammengefasst:
What? Buy a ribbon against depressions, 1 ribbon: 75ct
When? Wear the ribbon every Wednesday
Why? With these ribbons you draw attention to teenagers with depressions or mental health problems and support a organisation for mental health we will donate the money to.

Depression in time of Corona 
Depression has long been an issue of our society when it comes to a person's
mental health. In Germany, many people suffer from depression and the
pandemic that occurred last year has not reduced the number of depressed
people. For many people, the pandemic even worsened their illness. But why
did the pandemic worsen the depression of many and what can be done about
First of all, the question arises what exactly is depression and what the
pandemic has to do with the worsening of depression.
Depression is a mental illness and usually causes joylessness or emotional
emptiness. There is usually no exact cause of depression. The disease
develops due to various factors, such as losses or overload situations.
People with depression are often hit harder by the corona crisis than others,
as the pandemic makes it difficult to access health care. Another point is also
the lack of daily structure among the depressed patients. Changing the daily
structure also means having to adapt to the day  and this is difficult for
people with depressed people and can sometimes lead to a worsening of the
disease. The restrictions on social contacts also complicate the possible
improvement of patients. Patients often feel more positive feelings such as
joy with social contacts and this can help against the disease. With the limited
contacts, there is also the increase in the feeling of exhaustion and the
severity of depression.

However, the contact restrictions are not the only restrictions that the
pandemic entailed. Many attractions or shops had to close and this reduced
the chance of social activities.
So what can be done about depression during the corona period?
It is best to try to structure your day as well as possible and adhere to a
certain routine. It also helps to stay active and do sports frequently.
Through our mobile phones or computers, which have now become an
important part of our lives, it is also possible to maintain our social contacts
via the Internet.

In conclusion, it can be said that the corona pandemic has severely affected
depressed people and has not facilitated the ways to seek help, which were
alreadv considered difficult, but has also made them more difficult. The
corona pandemic is a huge challenge for depressed people, because they
have fewer opportunities to get well. However, a positive aspect is that the
crisis has made remote treatment more popular. That’s why we have came up
with this  campaign. Now i hope you will support us and have a positive day.